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Professional Website Reviews

InSite is the professional way to review and approve websites with your clients and co-workers - Made in Germany.

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How it works

Like sticky-notes for your website

Your clients and co-workers point the issue, enter a description and send. That’s it! InSite takes a screenshot and automatically adds the link, browser, OS, viewport and other relevant tech info.

Works on every modern browser, PCs, tablets and smartphones. No plugins or extensions required.

Works with google chrome Works with apple safari Works with mozilla firefox Works with opera Works with microsoft edge

What you get

Clear and precise feedback

Forget cloudy email threads and data in multiple places. InSite provides a central workspace for all your feedback, data and communication with complete documentation.

Screenshot and direct link

Screenshot and direct link

See what your clients see and jump directly to the relevant pages. Less words, more context.

Full tech info

Valuable tech info

InSite grabs all the necessary tech info from your clients without having them to do anything.


Assignments New

Assign co-workers to reports and they’ll get an instant notification with what they have to do.

Live status updates

Full feedback loop

Live status updates show your progress to co-workers and clients on the project.

Real-time discussions

Real-time group messaging

Kill endless emails by commenting directly on the report. Notifications keep you updated.


Seamless workflow integration

Not another tool: InSite is engineered to fit your existing workflow. It integrates seamlessly with CMS and leading apps from Jira to Trello to Slack.

CMS and web dev apps coming soon

Extensions for Contao, Typo3 and Wordpress. Integrations include Trello, GitHub, JIRA, Redmine and Pivotal Tracker.

Messaging apps coming soon

Integrate with Slack, HipChat, Basecamp, Zendesk, Asana and Intercom. Connect InSite with any tool supported by Zapier.

Custom integrations coming soon

You have your own CRM? Want to make your coffee machine brew a coffee when a report comes in? We've got you covered with our dynamic webhooks.

To-The-Point feature set

Everyone’s #1 website review tool

InSite is the review tool your clients and co-workers will use and thank you for. Reporting issues just takes seconds and is so intuitive, everybody will use it right away.

Unlimited number of clients

You can ask as many clients and colleagues as you want for feedback, we don’t restrict the number of reviewers you can have.

Smart notifications

You define how often and what you want to get notified about, in-app or via email. You can interact right from your inbox.

Works in your browser

Everybody, not just developers or IT guys, can use InSite right away. It’s hosted in the cloud, there’s nothing to install.

Plans for every business size

Our plans start at just €20 per month, no hidden costs, no signup or cancellation fees. 14-day money back guarantee. Pricing Plans

Automated documentation

There is no need to ever delete a finished project, archive it and you can come back to it whenever you need.

Alexander Graubner-Müller, CTO at Kreditech

Most of our reports consist of only one or two words and a screenshot. With InSite adding all the tech info, it’s all we really need. Less time spent, better results.

Alexander Graubner-Müller, CTO
Oliver Richter, Developer and Web Designer at BippesBrandão

We don’t spend time asking questions like which browser or OS is being used. We just look into the reports without having the client to do anything.

Oliver Richter, Developer and Web Designer

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